Consulting Engineering Team

image_fb8ca98f90b51cad3a1167385ce43950Our in-house consulting team can bring any project to life with their years of experience in the field as Design Builders/General Contractors. Our Technical & Practical Approach can ensure your project objectives and requirements are met or exceed expectation. Our approach to a successful project stems from the following phases;

  • Kick Off Meeting & Preliminary Design Phase:
    We have developed a proven approach to an effective project delivery. Starting with a kick off meeting with the client to discuss their objectives and requirements and provide any necessary programming feedback.

Our assigned designer will walk through the Owner’s overall vision and day to day activities to ensure the design is both functional and practical. We also collect all relevant data including any future demands/requirements. This will ensure the Clients overall special and functional requirements, short and long term goals are identified, understood and successfully incorporated into the project.

During our preliminary design phase our resident BCIN Specialist will review thoroughly our conceptual drawings to ensure all OBC requirements are met and no surprises during permit stage will be brought to our attention. Along with in-house senior estimators cost control will be a priority to ensure our Client’s budget and expectation are met.

  • Construction Document Preparation Phase:
    Once all the basic parameters and the conceptual design have been finalized and approved by the Client, we will proceed with the preparation of the construction documents.

Most of the CAD base for this phase is developed during the preliminary design development, the construction documentation stage has already commenced. The information base would continue to build in the same clearly organized manner. Client and Project Manager Meetings would continue throughout to ensure detailed coordination.

In accordance with the schedule, drawings and specifications will be submitted, to the Client for review at the 75%, 90% and final completion stage.

Our in-house professionals, Structural Engineer & BCIN Specialist, will review and provide all necessary expertise to guarantee the project will move forward smoothly. We work with exceptional professionals and have long standing relationships with all necessary disciplines to exact the Client’s special prerequisites.

  • Construction Phase:
    Our qualified in-house Design Builders will take ownership of the project and provide the necessary expertise to move the project to construction. Our Design Build Team will work closely with the Consulting Team to ensure all the Client’s needs are met.